Conpalux is a company specialising in full service subcontracting (PRIVATE LABEL) for cosmetic and dermo-cosmetic products.



Customised creation of classic or organic cosmetic formulae

From conventional cosmetics to organic and natural cosmetics, our formulation laboratory offers you our expertise so we can design your cosmetic, dermo-cosmetic and parapharmaceutical products.

Our areas of expertise: face and body products, cleansing, products for men, products for babies, natural/organic products and sun products.

Depending on what you need, we can take on all or part of the writing of your European regulatory file.





We can produce your cosmetic and dermo-cosmetic products in small, medium or large volumes, covering needs ranging from 1,000 to 100,000 units.

We produce customised all galenic liquid, viscous and semi-viscous forms:

  • of cosmetic formulae (beauty, skincare, cleansing)
  • of alcoholic liquid products (explosion proof tank)

Our production equipment includes 7 tanks ranging from 100 to 2400kg, made from high-grade polished stainless steel for cosmetic blends and emulsions.


manufacturing     manufacturing cosmetics



Thanks to our equipment, which is perfectly suited to cosmetic subcontracting, our production lines can fill between 1,000 and 100,000 units with any liquid or viscous product.

Packaging formats :

  • TUBES (3 to 200ml): plastic and polyfoil tube, aluminium tube etc.
  • BOTTLES (1 to 1000ml): plastic bottle, spray bottle, glass bottle, roll-on bottle
  • JARS (15 to 1000ml)
  • SACHETS (samples of 1 to 20ml): 50x60mm to 90x130mm

Types of cosmetic and dermo-cosmetic products that we package?

  • body and face products (cream, lotion, gel, ointment, exfoliators etc.);
  • body cleanings products (shampoo, liquid soap, shower gel, bubble bath etc.);
  • suncare (cream, oil etc.) and beauty products;
  • liquid alcohol products (perfume (EDP), eau de toilette (EDT), aftershave, eau de Cologne etc.);
  • natural, ecological or organic cosmetics;

filling cosmetics     filling cosmetics


Design, production and filling of E-liquid containers (refills for electronic cigarettes).

  • Supplying the raw materials (ingredients): food grade aromas, vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, nicotine.
  • Production: the processes used, approved by the laboratory and quality department, are applied in our production unit and comply with the strictest standards.
  • Bottling in one of 5 dedicated filling lines. This offers us great flexibility and means that we can handle any type of container:
    • plastic bottles (PET, LDPE etc.), glass bottles;
    • classic or tamper proof stoppers;
    • for any volume (5, 10, 15, 20ml etc.)

    Our current capacity for e-liquids is 1 million units a month.

filling e-liquid e-cig     filling e-liquid e-cig



By offering co-packing, packing, customised preparation and packaging services, we cover all industry needs.

Some of the most popular packing methods used in our factories include:

  • co-packing (grouping/assembly of additional or identical products);
  • skin packing;
  • sleeving;
  • shrink wrapping;
  • insertion in cases, boxes or tins;
  • all types of marking;
  • assembly and filling of displays (in-store displays);
  • manual labelling (promotional, anti-theft etc,);
  • sorting: putting your documents into flow pack film for your promotional campaigns and events.

Co-Packing     Co-Packing


Le Saupont is fitted with 2 ISO class 8 Clean Rooms (class 100,000) for all packaging needs demanding a controlled environment. One of our 2 rooms is dedicated to cosmetics (parapharmacy), the other to food.

cleanrooms iso8     cleanrooms iso8

conpalux-logistique-camionlogistic storage


We can do anything you need when it comes to storing your goods, including dispatching your orders.


Our 3,000m² logistics building houses more than 2,000 pallet spaces. This means that we can store your packing items (packaging, labelling etc.), your raw materials and your finished products. All goods logistics is managed by an ERP system.

logistic storage


Preparing orders or picking is the process of identifying and collecting items in the quantity specified in the order before the latter is dispatched. Our team of pickers can prepare up to one hundred orders a day. If necessary, the team can be enlarged.

logistic picking