The cosmetic subcontracting company

Company specializing in the custom outsourcing of cosmetic products and dermo-cosmetics liquids, sprl Conpalux (CONditioning PAckaging - LUXembourg) was created on June 13, 2008.


Our main activities: formulation, manufacturing, filling

  • Custom manufacture of cosmetics and dermo-cosmetics;
  • Production of custom packaging, including the filling of liquid, viscous, gel or cream products in all types of containers (jar, bottle, tube, sachets) of 1 to 1,000 ml;
  • Packaging operations (co-packing, packaging).

Cosmetic custom packaging: our offer

Conpalux works with major contractors as well as SMEs without technical and operational infrastructures dedicated to production and packaging operations. Our activities are focused on, among otherss, cosmetics (including organic), dermo-cosmetics, parapharmaceuticals, aesthetics, spas, capillaries.

Thanks to its solid structure, professionalism and proficiency in industrial processes, Conpalux has already earned the trust of major international companies.


A full service cosmetic company: this is our objective

The main objective of Conpalux is to consolidate its Full Service offering while maintaining the same level of quality and service.

The vertical integration of different cosmetics production activities in one location has positioned Conpalux as a preferred partner.

Our clients find it convenient to deal with only one interlocutor who supports the entire cosmetic supply chain thanks to our "a la carte" service (outsourcing part or all of the production).


Recognized and trusted partner

  • Obtaining the ISO 22716 certification Good Manufacturing Practices for Cosmetics
  • Obtaining the Certisys certification (Organic label)
  • Obtaining the ECOCERT organic cosmetic label
  • Obtaining the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certificate issued by the SPF Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment
  • Successful audits of our major contractors

Quality service

  • Responsive project management
  • Flexible equipment: flexibility and adaptation
  • Reactivity of our staff
  • Controlled costs

Solutions that meet your needs

  • From the formulation of your products to final packaging
  • A complete logistic service upstream and downstream of the supply chain: reception, quality control, tracking, storage and shipping of your goods

International experience

  • Germany, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Switzerland


In 2008 : Creation

Following the economic crisis, the sustainability of Saupont was threatened. It was therefore imperative to complete a service offer which was at the time consisting of low value-added trades (only end-of-line packaging) by bringing more added value and technical expertise in our trades, to offer customers a wider range of services.

This resulted in the construction of a new production hall, a logistics hall and the signing of a partnership with Conpalux.

Over the years, the company specialized in extending its packaging offer to "full service" subcontracting (formulation, manufacturing, filling, packaging and logistics) for the cosmetics industry.

Period from 2011 to 2015: Investments in equipment

Completion of the new logistic hall development

This new tool allows us to guarantee a series of precise missions by ensuring the upstream supply of raw materials related to products, as well as packaging.

Purchase of a CAM Filling Machine

This machine is a standard build incorporating modifications? for pharmaceutical filling. Its all-stainless steel construction, easy cleaning and carting designed for laminar flow makes it a very high quality machine. This universal filler that can fill any kind of liquid bottle ranging from 10 ml to 1,000 ml at a maximum rate of 70 units/min.

Acquisition of new filling lines from 1 to 16 lines

In order to meet the needs of our customers, we have developed our filling business to reach an annual production capacity of 30 million units.

Installation of new tanks

Following the investment policy of the company, the next logical step was to upgrade our production area with tanks of increasingly important capacity. We now have tanks that can hold up to 2.4 tons.

In June 2016: Completion of the formulation and manufacturing extension

Launched in August 2015, our extension project will be finalized next June. This new hall of 3,000m² will house a brand new manufacturing workshop including two new tanks of 1,200 and 2,400 kg and a new research & development laboratory.


Machinery park

In order to tackle new projects, Conpalux has continued to upgrade its equipment. In 2018, the machine fleet consists of 20 filling lines and 7 manufacturing tanks.