Filling and packaging of any liquid cosmetic product from 1 to 1,000 ml

Thanks to equipment adapted to cosmetic subcontracting, our production lines are capable of filling 1,000 or 100,000 pieces of any liquid and viscous product, regardless of the packaging format (tube, bottle, jar).

Our custom packaging offer is aimed at cosmetic, dermo-cosmetic and parapharmaceutical companies seeking a manufacturer that offers a solution for the subcontracting and filling of their products.


Filling: which packaging formats?

  • TUBES (from 3 to 250ml): plastic, polyfoil and laminated tube, aluminum tube,...
  • BOTTLES (from 1 to 1,000ml): plastic bottle, spray bottle, glass bottle, "roll on" bottle, ...
  • JARS (from 15 to 1,000ml)
  • SACHETS (samples from 1 to 20 ml): from 50x60mm to 90x130mm

Which types of cosmetics and dermo-cosmetics do we condition?

  • body and face care products (milk, lotion, gel, balm, scrub/exfoliant..);
  • personal hygiene products (shampoo, liquid soap, shower gel, bubble bath...);
  • sun screen (cream, oil...) or aesthetic products;;
  • liquid alcohol based products;
  • natural or organic cosmetics;


Quality control is carried out systematically and rigorously according to European cosmetics standards. Our quality department carries out in-production inspections according to client specifications to guarantee the quality of the finished product is in accordance with specifications.

We therefore ensure traceability at all levels of the production chain and integrated quality control throughout the process.