BPF / GMP - ISO 22716

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) is a set of practical and organizational advice to ensure product compliance including the control of human, technical and administrative factors. In particular, they aim to comply with criteria of hygiene and product safety.


  • Facilitate the organization and implementation of activities in order to control factors that may affect the quality of cosmetic products
  • Reduce the risk of confusion, forgetfulness, deterioration, contamination, errors,...;
  • Involve staff with a better knowledge of activities;
  • Guarantee the consumer a cosmetic product of predetermined quality;
  • Have a recognized international standard when exporting and importing

GMPs and ISO 22716 in Europe

The respect of Good Manufacturing Practices is one of the pillars of European regulation on cosmetics. They consist in strict measures to guarantee the safety of cosmetic products to consumers. Whether they are ingredient manufacturers, finished product producers, distributors or importers/exporters, all players in the cosmetics industry fall within these new obligations and the definition of increased responsibility.

The European Cosmetics Directive has been referring to Good Manufacturing Practices since 1993. The new ISO 22716 standard adopted in the EN European Standard is therefore in line with the "Council of Europe Guidelines" for which updates were necessary due to a change in activities implemented in cosmetic establishments.

The ISO 22716 standard is a common repository for the entire industry and is recognized internationally. Therefore, it was logical for us to design our procedures and quality system in order to obtain it. This new certification is an additional step in the continuous process of improvement implemented since the creation of Conpalux in 2008.